Sergey Maskalik

About Me

Hi, I’m Sergey Maskalik, I live in Los Angeles, CA with my lovely wife. I’m a passionate developer, who is always looking for simpler, more maintainable and testable solutions. I LOVE learning and mastering craft of programming. In addition, I’m a big proponent of Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, SOLID principles and best practices. I consider myself a full stack developer, I do a lot of backend .NET for my day job and Javascript for fun. I enjoying working with Nodejs and I love the testability story of AngularJs.

I’m always learning and improving. In my spare time, I enjoy reading programming books and blogs. And I hope one day to finally build an my own, amazing product, that will bring a lot of value to the people.

How I Discovered The Best Career Ever

Since the very first time when I played Attari console, I got hooked on video games. Subsequently, my fascination progressed into PC games that were more involved and offered ability to play with other people. And to play computer games in the 90s you had to know how to put together a descent PC and learn to troubleshoot all kinds of issues. I enjoyed spending time with my friends building computers and communicating over BBS. And soon I was fixing computers for friends and family.

Because working with computers was something that I really enjoyed, it was an easy decision to get a degree in Computer Information Systems. Unfortunately, while I was getting my degree I did not get inspired to go into programming. So I decided to try business. That decision resulted in me working many jobs that I hated and even tried working as a Financial Analyst at a bank after getting my MBA. Honestly, it was the worst job ever, I remember many times sitting in the car on the parking lot and trying to make myself get out of the car and go to work.

Finally, I decided I had enough. I was willing to take a step back and start from the beginning. I decided that I wanted to pursue the original idea of becoming a programmer and seeing if I can make it. I’ve picked up an 800 page C# book and read it over couple months and then I went and I got a job as a Junior Developer. I still had my web development and database knowledge from college. I’ve done some side projects on the side over the years so I had a little bit of experience. When I got the job I was on the mission to learn it all, I was possessed for the first 6 months; all I did was studying and work. I got pretty good at it and was able to complete couple large projects.

I loved every second of learning and solving problems with software, it was totally different than what I’ve imagined. It wasn’t dry and boring. Software Engineering is actually a lot of fun. You get to build and create solutions. And you get to see it help business and make it more efficient. Because there is no limit of how much you can learn, you will never get bored. And that fits my personality perfectly. You can become as much better developer as much time and effort you can put in. Your seniority is not judged by how many years you’ve been with a company but by the amount you actually know and can achieve. The learning never stopped, and I continue to learn and enjoy what I do to this day.

Looking back, I’m very grateful to experience a failure of working at jobs that I couldn’t stand and to be able to start from scratch and find something that I truly enjoy.

Why Blog

Because I want give back to the community, because I truly believe we can learn from one another. Because what I know now would not be possible if it wasn’t for many awesome developers who decided to share their knowledge through writing.